LC Design International : Automobile designer, Transport designer, Design consulting, Design transport consulting

Our designs can suggest themes and adaptations of ranges on the basis of design specifications.

Digital Modeling

Digital Modeling
Our teams can work on interior or exterior lines, technical feasibility or perceived quality.

Physical Modeling

Physical Modeling
Our teams can work in your design workshops on clay mock-ups, show cars, back-up cars or prototypes.

Technical Assistance

Research office
We can provide you with the skills you will use in your projects. Acting in this way you will be billed for the time spent by our staff.

Fixed rate research

We can offer fixed rate research contracts drawn up on the basis of technical specifications and a schedule. You can thus control your research budget.
Dedicated Team
We can set up a team dedicated to your project, working on your site and managed by us.

Fixed rate project

Finally we can offer a fixed rate for the completion of the project, drawn up on the basis of technical specifications, a schedule, scope of intervention and deliverables identified beforehand.