Specialties in the automobile design phase

LC Design International : Automobile designer, Transport designer

The world of Automobile design relies on a diverse range of specialties, the most demanding in the industry. All those participating in the design process are yours are therefore our priority.

Our philosophy

From idea to design
Producing unusual, effective and innovative work. Designers carry out a needs analysis, imagine, invent and reproduce their design in different technical graphic formats (freehand drawings, quick sketches and image process).

From design to digital

3D modelling of all stages of the design of industrialised objects, internal and external environments. This discipline involves producing summary images aimed at decision makers, engineers, designers and communication departments.

From digital to physical

Decoding and reproducing graphic and/or digital data (sketches, plans) with a view to their realisation. The modelling of objects designed before prototypes are created, carried out in workshops to define volumes and certain formal aspects. Ability to interpret and find solutions for designers. Ability to finish surfaces improved with perfect light lines.

Our teams

Research space with a manufacturer

Our traditional clay and physical modellers are independent, responsible, motivated and bilingual professionals with experience acquired in the design studios of some of the biggest international manufacturers.
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