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Design creation

LC Design International : Automobile designer

Sketch out an idea.

Digital design

LC Design International : Automobile designer

Model an idea in 3 dimensions.

Physical design

LC Design International : Automobile designer

Making a design a reality.

LCD international

Experts to support and personalise the success of your projects. We are your specialist partner in specialties and services involved in the Industrial Design chain. In close cooperation with our customers we contribute all our expertise and know-how of international markets.
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Our know-how comes from 89 specialist consultants including Designer-engineers, colourists, graphic designers, Digital and physical Modellers, CAD-CADCAM- milling machine operators, experts in plastic prototypes, trim and paintwork. What we have in common is our passion for the projects we are involved in, respecting and listening to those who have entrusted them to us.
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  • Icem surf
  • Alias
  • Catia V4 / Catia V5
  • Rhino 3D
  • Maya
  • Soft image 3D
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator